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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Vermilion Parish STILL needs your HELP

December 2, 2005: Vermilion Parish -- its people, their animals--pets and livestock-- STILL NEED YOUR HELP NOW--'cause "It's Gonna Be a Rough Winter."
Although the waters receded, it first destroyed homes and farms, and ruined the pasture land.

Residents of Vermilion Parish are the forgotten victims of Rita and Katrina. They hosted and continue to host Katrina evacuees -- but Rita roared in on the heels of her sister -- and left them decimated, in need of help themselves. Click here to see what the salt water left behind.
A few recent pictures were uploaded, above, and more are here. See pictures under previous posts located in right-hand column for more pictures of flooding.
R I T A continues to impact Vermilion Parish, after striking blow after blow - - -

The road to recovery: But, the People of Vermilion are resilient.
Animal Aid of Vermilion also is coordinating its efforts with Harvest Time Tabernacle and Glad Tidings Church to ensure humanitarian aid is given to the people of afflicted area.

A background of Animal Aid's efforts is set forth in a post below. Read a bit about Joelle Rupert, one of the founding members.

They can use your help in their quest to help others: supplies and assistance are needed.

Vermilion Animal Aid: 2/12/06 Updated List of Needed Items

Please use the paypal link in the right-hand column for monetary donations to Animal Aid of Vermilion Area and advise Beth via email: of any such monetary donations so she can forward tax receipt with tax i.d. information to you.


Please direct monetary donations for humanitarian aid to:
Harvest Time Tabernacle
901 Wildcat Drive
Abbeville, LA 70510
Phone 337.893.6279
Fax 337.898.3365

The paypal link for Harvest Time Tabernacle is located in the right-hand column. The distribution of these funds are overseen by a coalition of local pastors.



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