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Monday, December 05, 2005

Recycle Cell Phones to Help Vermilion Animal Aid

How can I help

You collect and recycle as many used mobile cell phones as possible and VAA gets paid cash for every phone you collect. By participating, you will help keep a cleaner environment, help out your worthy cause and put the cell phones back into good use.

What kind of phones are you trying to collect?

Current wireless (cellular) phones models are most in demand, however, makes and models of mobile phones from all over the world, and pagers and PDAs (like Palm Pilots) are also accepted. Every mobile phone can be recycled.

Cordless phones meant for home use are not accepted.

All wireless or PCS hand-carried (not vehicle-installed) phones will be accepted, but outdated wireless phones are discouraged.

Smaller, newer phones generate the most funds

The collected phones need not be in working order.

Mobile-installed telephones (including so-called "bag phones"), two-way radios, pagers, walkie-talkies, etc. are accepted but do not carry any value.

Wireless phone accessories will be accepted, but do not qualify for payment.

Donors should deactivate their phones before turning them in.

To qualify for free shipping, you must collect at least 30 phones.

What do I do when I have collected at least 30 phones?

E-mail and include the following information:
Number of phones collected
Contact name and address

We will get back to you on the pick up date.

And hey, thanks for your help!


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